Information is key towards fighting COVID-19. That's why we're here to provide you with free accurate, up-to-date, detailed, and unbiased news and information. We're also supporting the Coronavirus response, and helping those who are impacted by it.
Your source for accurate, up-to-date, and detailed COVID-19 data. Check out the dashboard or learn more below.
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Detailed Data

Our dashboard contains data for over 4,000 different locations worldwide. Try searching for any country, state, province, or even county in the searchbar.
Accurate Information

We rely on data from over 200 different government sources and large, reputable organizations. Data is pulled hourly and automatically goes through a filter to ensure that it is accurate. All news is hand-written and fact-checked by our team to remove inaccuracies and biases.
Data Charts and Analysis

Analysis graphs and charts help you understand the information, along with providing predictions and demonstrating trends.
Useful Bonus Features

Small but helpful details such as a filterable location search, interactive maps, a pin location to top tool, filter news by location menu, savable settings, prevention tips, and many more make it easy for you to use the dashboard and understand the pandemic to its full extent.
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About Us
This website was founded by a high school student who has a commitment towards fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and helping those affected by it. The website has now grown to become a source of information for many people worldwide across over 40 countries. The website is currently maintained by a group of high school students.
Alex Z. | Founder of Website, Frontend Developer
Your typical high school student. I like coding, playing piano, and gaming during quarantine. I also enjoy playing tennis year-round.
Albert C. | Head of Research and News, Head of Graphics
I enjoy playing the cello and piano. I also play tennis year round.
Austin C. | Head of Marketing
Hi, I am a student at Oakwood High School and I enjoy learning new things, playing Tennis, and playing the Violin and Piano
Sara J. | North America News Correspondent, Graphics Team Member
Hi, I'm Sara. I'm involved in competitive dance, enjoy volunteering at Miami Valley Hospital and traveling abroad.
Liam M. | Europe News Correspondent, Data Manager
Hi, I'm Liam.
Chloe O. | Europe News Correspondent
Student who has a dog and likes to relax. Likes to start new hobbies and quits before getting good at any of them. Has a bad habit of sleeping with the lights on. Will try to provide accurate and readable information!
Gabby V. | Asia News Correspondent
My name is Gabby Vish, I enjoy embroidering, drawing and listening to my records. I also swim all year round.
Lillian O. | Africa and Oceania News Correspondent
Hi, I'm Lily and I like listening to music, drawing, cooking, and my walking with my dog, Dash. I also debate and play clarinet in the band.
Jake S. | South America News Correspondent
Hello. I am Jake Schairbaum and I enjoy listening to podcasts and playing sports.
Will C. | North America News Correspondent
Otherwise known as Will I Am.
Daniel P. | South America News Correspondent
Zachary J. | Africa and Oceania News Correspondent